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Welcome to my website development and promotion studio Savkin Design.

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I develop and promote modern and effective websites and web applications for various businesses and organizations. I am a professional in the field of web development, design, marketing and SEO, with experience working with various projects and web development technologies. My work helps my clients achieve their goals and grow their online business. I provide my clients with the best possible service and results by working closely with them throughout all stages of web development to understand their unique needs and goals. I offer a full range of services, including the creation of websites of any complexity and focus with various web interfaces, their promotion and SEO optimization, content marketing, SMM, and I use the most advanced web development tools. Websites are made individually by me in accordance with the customer’s technical specifications without the use of WordPress, Figma, Wix, etc.

You get a special website design developed by me, and not a template. Your website will have a unique individual design. Developing a custom website design is a process that requires careful work and attention to detail. Each customer has his own unique requirements and wishes regarding the design of his website, so it is very important to find an individual approach to each project. Creating a unique website design begins with an analysis of the customer’s business, its target audience and competitors. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to determine the basic design principles that correspond to a specific business and its goals. Next comes the design concept development stage, which includes creating site layouts, choosing colors, fonts and other design elements. All the customer’s wishes are taken into account here, and the goal of the development is to ensure maximum usability of the site. After the concept development stage, the final website design is created and adapted for various devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. The customer receives a ready-made website design that meets all requirements and wishes. It is important to understand that custom website design is an investment in business success. Beautiful and user-friendly website design helps attract new customers and increase sales. If you want to develop an individual website design to suit your needs, contact me, I will help you and create a unique and attractive design to promote your business.

I take an integrated approach to website development. When I talk about an integrated approach to website development, I mean that I don't just create web pages and send them to hosting. I make sure that all components of the site work together to create a user-friendly and useful resource for users.

Firstly, I am designing a website. This includes designing the user interface, choosing colors and fonts, and arranging content on pages. Then I start working on developing the site itself. I use modern technologies and tools to create a fast and reliable website. I make sure the site is responsive and works on all devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

After the site is created, I arrange it on hosting. I help you choose the right hosting provider and configure your site settings so that it works optimally. In addition, I can help promote the site. I offer search engine optimization services, setting up Yandex Direct and Business, creating robots.txt and setting up schema.org sitemap.xml so that the site appears high in search results, as well as online advertising campaigns that will help attract new visitors to the site . In general, my approach to website development includes all stages: from concept creation to hosting and promotion. I try to create a website that will fully satisfy the needs of my clients and their users.

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