Website on ASP.net (C#)



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ASP.net website (C#)

from 1,000 €*

15 days

* The figures are for reference, the final cost will be announced upon review of the Technical Task

.NET technology allows you to make a very fast website

Website on ASP.net (C#)

ASP.NET (C#) is a powerful and flexible web framework that has many features for creating various dynamic web applications and websites. Using this Framework, you can create an online store, a risk assessment system based on fuzzy logic, a multi-user interface, and much more. Describe your wishes in the technical specifications and we will bring them to life. For example, you want to create an online store on ASP.NET, then in the technical specifications you can specify the following requirements:

  • Design and appearance: specify the requirements for the design and appearance of your online store. For example, color scheme, arrangement of elements, fonts, logos, etc.
  • Product catalog: specify how the product catalog should look like. For example, what product categories should there be, how to display product images, what product attributes should be searchable and filterable.
  • Shopping Cart: Define how the shopping cart should work. For example, how to add items to your cart, how to change the quantity of items, how to remove items, how to display prices, etc.
  • Payment and Delivery: Specify how the payment and delivery system should work. For example, what payment methods should be available, what shipping methods, how to display shipping costs, etc.
  • Registration and Authorization: Specify how the user registration and authorization system should work. For example, how to collect and store users’ personal data, how to check that login and password are entered correctly, how to handle authorization errors, etc.

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